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11,000 Community Calendars Hit The Web

Oakland, Maine (June 6, 2000) - A joint effort between A2Z Computing Services and Great Hill Corporation is unveiled with the publication of over 11,000 interactive Community Calendars through This calendar system is being developed to promote the events of communities across the country by allowing city officials, businesses, non-profits, schools, churches and residents to add their events to its pages. The goal and purpose of the calendar system is not only to promote the communities' events but to aid in local area economic revitalization by informing residents and visitors of local area happenings, businesses, facilities and services.

Matthew Hunt, owner of A2Z Computing Services says, "These calendars are a dream come true. Our entire website is dedicated to promoting communities as a whole. These calendars will do just that by allowing organizations and residents to post their events on their HometownUSA web pages. Our strategic alliance with Great Hill Corporation allows us to provide this and many more event management solutions to communities on the web." is a division of A2Z Computing Services, an Oakland, Maine business owned and operated by Matthew Hunt. Great Hill Corporation, Inc. is located in Gladwyne, Pennsylvania and is operated by President Thomas J. Rush.

The Network currently consists of over 88,000 community oriented web pages representing over 11,000 communities across the country.

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